Freezing Finland to Sunny Los Angeles


I’m sorry if your getting sick of my pictures, but I just like sharing them 😂Yesterday I did a nice flight from Helenski, Finland to Los Angeles, USA. The majority of the cruise was blanketed under the cover of complete darkness, as we were flying close to the Arctic Circle, which sees much less daylight hours than places south. I love approaching LA from the east and this flight was no exception, the San Bernardino Mountains stunning as usual! Enjoy

Route: Helenski (EFHK) 🇫🇮 - Los Angeles (KLAX) 🇺🇸
FT: 11:20
Aircraft: Finnair A350
Server: Expert

Loading the baggage as another flight prepares to travel to Bangkok

Preflight checks

Takeoff as low cloud covers the airport

Over Greenland

Sunlight begins to show more and more as we head south

The grand mountains of Wyoming

The San Bernardino Mountains and Los Angeles

Touchdown at LAX

Exiting runway 25R (I don’t know what this editing is 😂)

Parked at gate

As usual, feedback is greatly appreciated. Hope you all have a safe and merry Christmas 🎄😁


Stunning! I know that I don’t get tired of your shots! The fourth is my favorite!

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Thanks mate 😁

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Awesome photos, they’re just great! I like how you tried out lots of different filters and effects on them, they turned out great!

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Thanks, I might try it more often 🤔

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I love your screenshots. These look great! Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you :)

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Loved the edit with the landing lights, and nice photos!

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Man really good edits for those pictures. Love that 9th shot. Keep up the great work man.

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Wie! Fantastic pictures! Thanks for sharing, looks like a great flight (and that snow!)!

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Wow ! Amazing pics !! My pref is you take-off with landing lights shining. Did you use any software to edit them, or are they not edited ?

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Unique route. Great flight 😍

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Thanks @iaexo, @Zach007, @ThomasThePro, @JulianB and @Greggoose972 😁 I use Mix and Lens Distortions


Anytime! ;)

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