Freezing day of spotting @KCLT


What’s up guys, I’m back with another round of spotting pics from today. Decided to head out to the overlook today while it was freezing! It was 35 degrees and I didn’t have any gloves or mittens for my hands that would later pay the price lol. I spent about an hour spotting while my poor hands were suffering. Shows how much I love spotting and taking pics. I was spotting along with my friend @racerclc and he knows how my hands felt as he experienced the same. Anyways let’s jump right in to my favorite photos of the day!

AA A321 departing with the future control tower and current hangar in the bg.

SWA taxiing to parking with some other planes in the background

AA B738 taxiing to parking

AA A321 departing with another A321 holding short

Another A321 just off the ground

Same A321 in the air (Overedited imo)
Little guy taxiing to the new concourse A (btw why is his landing lights on)

New airline in town: Contour.

Delta Mad Dog showing off that Delta belly

Low visibility of the Charlotte Skyline

Extra Info

Location: Charlotte Airport Overlook
Weather: Cloudy, light rain, 35F
Camera Cannon Rebel T6i
Photo Editor: Lightroom & Snapseed ( Lightroom does most of it)
Date: 1/12/19

My last spotting thread


absolutely incredible. keep it up

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Great pictures! I love the color. That SWA 737 was my favorite.

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Super cool! Did your fingers freeze?

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If anyone needs a visual on how to make a near-perfect spotting thread, you’ve come go the correct place! Absolutely incredible!


Thanks guys!

@Brad glad u liked the SWA, I tried to get diversity as CLT is a AA Airbus and CRJ playground

@Darpan u bet! They were quite red when I decided to call it a day.

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Great photos! I really love how you made the SWA pop. :)


I must say they are great photos, but the water mark just ruins them for me, it makes no effort to blend in, or be discreet…


Thanks, I agree. I myself not really a fan either, I forgot I had the transparency option when editing lol. I need to apply It next time

Probably has the Taxi lights on, but from there they look like landing lights. Could also be that he forgot they were on, or was testing them for some reason.

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Try four hours in 25 degrees 😛 #yyzlife

Jokes aside, great pictures and I hope to see more!

Just one thing, color noise reduction can be useful, especially on the undersides of the wings of the Delta.


Thanks man! Yep, not as bad as those harsh Canadian Winters.

I forgot about color noise reduction. Let’s just say I was editing these photos very quickly.

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The photos are great, my eyes are planted on that AA a330 in the background, which is serious if I’m overlooking an SWA aircraft. Sorry about this but I love doing it 😉

Photo 1: AA a321 heading to (unknown)
Photo 2: SWA 737-700 arriving from Dallas Love
Photo 3: AA 738 from Minneapolis
Photo 4: AA a321 to Las Vegas (Holding short)
AA a321 arriving from Raleigh
Photo 5: AA a321 same as photo 6, n545uw
Photo 6: AA a321 heading to Dallas DFW
Photo 7: Republic E170 arriving from Newark
Photo 8: Contour E135 to Beckley
Photo 9: Delta n958at (717) to Atlanta
Hope you don’t mind 🙂


Thanks for the additional info!
I didn’t have the motivation to find the origins and destinations.

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beautiful photos with excellent quality😁👍👍


Did you catch any C17s i saw a couple fly over UNCC its nice having them around caught 5 this week

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Picture 4 is amazing!! Absolutely love that!

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Nope didn’t see any. I saw like 3 fly over my house a few weeks ago tho

It’s really nice to do that. I am going to send you pictures of Montreal (CYUL) planes where there are lots of boeing 787, 777 and especially a330 from different companies. You can also join me on a Facebook group called “55th avenue-spotteurs montreal” where there are beautiful photos of the takeoffs with a cold sunset. All my greetings and good luck!

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Ah cool. DM the pics if you are going to send them.

Unfortunately I don’t use Facebook and I don’t want to. Thanks for the invitation tho :)