Freezing and Glorious Golden Hour @ PANC (with my new camera!)

Hey guys!

As a few of you may know, I finally got a camera for myself, not thinking I would like it as much as I do. I kind of just got it for the heck of it, although I did know it would pay off when I go spotting. Turns out, I love it.

So, two weeks ago, my parents took me for a surprise spotting trip for an hour. In one hour, I got all of these glorious pics that I am sharing with you today.

Now, enough yammering on, here are the pictures!

First up, you get to look at what may be my best photo. This is a Delta 737-800 (N3751B) bound for Seattle. Isn’t it beautiful?

Similar to that one, here’s an Alaska Airlines 737-700 pulling its gear up on its way to Juneau.

🎵🎶 She’ll be comin round the mountain when she comes 🎶🎵

Here’s an Alaska Central Express (ACE) Beech 1900C about to make butter on runway 33

Rare and pretty, here’s a classic A300-600 for FedEx. It didn’t take off while I was there but it was a pleasure and an honor to see such a classic aircraft. Fun fact: Did you know that the A300 is one of the only Airbus aircraft with a yoke?

Here are some interesting pictures of a Kallita Air 747-400 that had just landed.

This one is about another Alaska 737-700 that rotated just in time to get this awesome angle with the Kallita Air 747-400 in the background

This one features a Polar Air Cargo 747-8 just after rotation from RWY 33.

This is my best picture of an Asiana Cargo 747-400 on its way to RKSI.

Finally for this topic, here’s an Alaska 737-800 blasting its way to KPDX

That’s all for today! I do have 3058240193949 more, but I can only upload ten, so I had to choose.

Please let me know how I did! A couple of these were edited to be brighter, but others I did not get around to editing.

Wait! I forgot something! I hope this isn’t too much of a breach of the ten photo rule, but I have to include this because it’s a necessity. Also, @Robertine would be upset (jk, lol) Not exactly my best pic, but…

This is Tony. Tony needs to not break into airports any more. He could get himself and other people very hurt 😔

If you or a loved one have recently been affected by a bird strike, dial +1 (800) 096-TONY. That’s +1 (800) 096-TONY

Lol 😂

Have a great day/night!


Those are beautiful pictures I love golden hour pictures

BTW one of your pictures didn’t load correctly😉



Fixed that pic 👍

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Cool that you caught an A300! Love the first two with the takeoff and the gear coming up!


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Story of my life 👆

Thanks! I’m so glad I caught the A300 finally!

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what camera?

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Canon Powershot SX540 HS. It’s actually pretty good for a camera from 2016.

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I never buy brand new cameras, they are virtually the same thing as an older model (etc 2015) but way more expensive!

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I’m officially a real spotter with an actual camera! It feels so good 😊


I use my fams Canon Eos 400D from Like late 2000s (2008, 09) but is as good as some of the $1000+ models today

Yeah, I don’t get why people gotta have the newest camera. I’d just go for something with good enough quality and a good price.

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Great pictures! Today was a pretty good day for spotting.

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Great job! Got you to 10 likes!

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Great picture of tony the owl!

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Ok can I dial this number, is it real?

Anyway, those are some epic Alaska Airlines photos, and they’re all awesome! I’ll be saving a few to my device, you’ll receive a PM if I use them in any way.

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It is not real.
(800 means it’s a business), (096 because he’s alaska096) and TONY because… because… well…
Screen Shot 2020-02-23 at 18.12.53
He’s a pretty fancy north american owl.


Wow I did not expect that definition 😂


Nice pictures! What camera did you get?

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Thank you! Having a camera for spotting is so nice!

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I got the Canon Powershot SX540 HS. It was just a simple-looking camera at a price I could afford, so I got it, lol.

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