Freezing after 19.1 update

my IF is freezing after the 19.1 update. I have iPhone 6 with newest iOS.

My graphics settings are at Fast and airplane count at Low.

It happened to me a lot at my flight from Taipei to Hong Kong on Expert server. It was happening the most at approach to VHHH. It just freezed for 20-30 seconds, then started working again but disconnected from live server, was reconnecting for few seconds.

It never happened before the update. Before that, IF was running very smoothly.

Can you help me with this? Thanks a lot for your help.

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Test it by lowering the settings down a bit and enable limit frame rate and see if it happens again.

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I have settings at lowest - graphics at Fast, airplane count Low and enabled limit frame rate, but it still happens to me.

Have you tried reinstalling the game.

Yes, today I reinstalled the app twice. But still happens, I dont know what to do.

I highly recommend doing these few things:

  • Clear Scenery Cache Often
  • Clear all background apps
  • Make sure to have “Limit Framerate” on

Make sure to have your graphics settings set to what best fits for your device.

Clearing background apps will help clear some RAM on your phone, as further on make Infinite Flight run smoother.

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Hmm… ok.
This issue may tie in with this thread. Lowered graphics performance after 19.1 upgrade.. They have said that the devs are looking into the issues.

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Thank you, I will wait, hopefully devs will come with something soon.

It is still freezing even if I am just sitting at an airport with only one other aircraft. Still settings are at lowest. It seems to happen to me like around every 5 minutes it freezes for approx. 30 seconds.

It seems many people are having this issue.

I have found minimising the HUD map helps

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So maybe the problem is with the new airplane icons and the new map animation.

I don’t know. I’m using android but I found that if I turned off the HUD map the lagging stopped. I’m also on low graphics settings. My device is well old though so probably a memory thing.

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yeah i have the same exact issue but it only happened when i was approaching VHHH. when i was in the tarmac, my phone didnt freeze but i got disconnected several times. im using iphone xs max so specs shouldnt be the issue here

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