Freezes on Takeoff

I have recently begun trying to fly using IF global. I have one massive issue… Just after takeoff, the simulator freezes no matter what I do. I have more than 10GB remaining on my phone, and have xleared the ram many times. The graphics are on tbe lowest and should give me good frames. But it freezed in mid air for no reason.

  • Device: Samsung A5 2017 (SM-A520F)

So your device is on the compatible list details below, so lets delve a little deeper.

  • Is your phone fully updated?
  • are you using WiFi or Mobile Data?
  • Do you experience this on solo or online flights?
Compatibility Details

Device: Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)
OS: Android 7.0
Rendering Quality: Medium
Rendering Resolution: Medium
Texture quality: Medium
Anti-Aliasing: Off
Limit framerate: Off
GeekBench Scores: 774 / 4120
Notes: It lags at busy airports but runs great at cruise


I would definitely have limit frame rate on.

It could be that your phone is either hot or cold or you’ve got way too many background apps on

I only have 1 background app on (IF assistant), my limit framerate is on, and all texture and quality settings on minimum. The OS I have is Android 8.0.0 with the January 2019 security. My issue does happen at busy airports, although it happens on solo as well as online flying. I also use Wi-Fi (I am right next to the router).

I have a feeling its purely because its an aging device rather than anything else dude. Unfortunately only corrected having a new device or a higher spec!

aging device?..well I’m going to be unable to fly… :(

Hello can you please try and turn on limit frame rate and turn off anti aliasing.

Did that already (read above messages)

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Problem seems to have fixed itself, can one of the mods close this topic, plz?