Freeze in flight

could someone help me?
my infinite flight is stopping working in the middle of flights, i don’t know why this is happening

today it happened 2x in a row after I tried to do a long flight

my phone: Motorola G200
8GB ram
snapdragon 888+

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I’ve moved this topic from #general to #support as the support category is for assistance with technical issues that you are experiencing within the Infinite Flight application.

I’m sure someone will be on hand to assist you with your issue soon.

Take care!

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thank you so much, sorry if i posted wrong ;)


Hi if you could provide me with more data that would be great.something’s to do in the mean time include closing other apps, reducing the graphics or redownloading the app.


when I try to do some long flight with any aircraft, my infinite flight gives error in the middle of the flight or in the final

I really wanted to try to solve this

My cell phone has the capacity to run everything at a maximum of 60fps
mss I prefer at 30fps to not overload too much

Try doing what I have suggested above you can also clear the chace and turning down brightness sound and graphics to the minimum during long flights. I hope this helps.

You’re going to have to give more information on this.

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