Freeing Up Space

Can I delete flight logs (not replays) but Flight logs because I need to free up storage cause Infinite flight is using almost 8 GB

Emmm, I don’t think you can actually delete the logs. One way to do is to delete all IF app data, but then you need to basically reset the app again, cause it clear all your setting and planes that you download. Personally, I actually don’t think the logs will contain too much space in that 8GB, most are download planes and scenery(definitely a lot)

I have a lot of flight logs, since like 2016 they are there

If in that case you might wanna contact one of the staff and see if there’s any way those can be deleted

Ok, Ill try to contact one of them, thanks for the help though!

Flight logs are so nominal it’s not worth it. If you uninstall the app it will delete aircraft/livery files which will be redownloaded as you use them. That will free up so much more space. Or delegate scenery cache, that can get rather large.

(I take it you don’t want to defeat replays or I would recommend that too…)

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I usually just delete the app and reinstall it again.Or are your settings right for your device type for me I use an iPhone 6 I have anti aliasing off >>> airplane count on low >>>and rendering quality on good.

Try clearing your scenery cache in settings. Scenery files can account for a lot of that 8GB of memory.

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Replays take up exponentially more space than logs. In fact, I’m pretty sure logs aren’t even stored locally, so it might actually be infinitely more.

Why not offload the replays onto a cloud service?

I had the same question but couldn’t find an answer. My app is quite small (65mb) but my docs and data are 9GB. I have tried clearing scenery cache.

Is this normal?


Ah, I needed that, I do have lag issues

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