Freeing up space for infinite flight.

any suggestions on freeing up space on an ipad to make more space for infinite flight. it says device memory low so i want to get rid of somethings and see if it will run better!

It’s not the hard disk memory.
I had 40 GBs left, and I still got the message at busy airports.
You have to set the Live settings lower.

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Hey guys, I thought I’d try to help clear up some of the confusion. The warning has nothing to do with your device available memory storage. It is warning you that the device operating RAM is running low.
If you aren’t experiencing any issues with gameplay and everything appears to be running just fine, then you can probably just ignore the message. Just be aware that you’ll need to shut down all apps and the device power after your flight. That will clear up operating memory resources for the next flight.

If you are using a iPad Air or Air 2 then it’s unlikely any issues will arise.
I haven’t even seen the warning on my Air 2 yet. I do see it often on my Air 1 when I haven’t restarted its power for a while, or forgot to close Facebook.


I have the Ipad Mini 2 I only get the message at busy airports and then the game is a little laggy/slow any tips with the infinite flight settings I can configure to get the most out of the app?

Start with lowering the Aircraft Count in the Live settings tab. Then maybe lower other graphics quality settings if needed. Power restart and close all other background apps.