Freedom flight

Yesterday I was messing around with the F/A 18 at the military base KNZY, and I got some pretty good photos of it
NOTE: I tried my hardest not to break any expert server rules in the process. I’m aware that even though there is no speed restriction, you still have to go under 250 etc.

Aircraft: F/A 18

Airport: KNZY - Flying VFR

Callsign: Navy 556

Server: Expert

Eagle is in the sky

Once over FL180, I did little bit of maneuve… Who’s flying this thing?

The bird has landed 🇺🇸


Really cool!

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Hahah thanks, the f18 needs a rework though


Nice pictures I love the last one

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Thanks! Totally didn’t alter the time to get a better shot 😂

Nice pics! Love the last one :)

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P E R F E C T angles

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@RafaelPadilla @Speedyyy thanks! The free camera is amazing 😉