Freecam Zoom/Movement Bug?

Hard to explain with a post. That’s why I made a video. Sorry for the sound quality.

I know that there is a new zoom option where you can tilt your device in order to zoom in, how ever the zoom is very slow compared to the old zoom tool. So I’m still not sure if it’s actually a bug or a wanted implementation.

The speed at which zoom operates now has been slowed (scaled back) in comparison to previous builds.

You will have to start using the new technique now on if you want to quickly zoom in. Ive found that tilting your phone is actaually than how it was before as im now not over zooming it.

But that massively?

It would have been great if you’d have implemented the “slow” tilt zoom but keep the fast “pinch” zoom with the fingers.

It’s making the creation of screenshots during live sessions - especially while spotting - so much more difficult because firstly the camera continues to move even after you wanted it to stop and secondly it takes way to long to zoom into your shot. You can miss some good opportunities.

Yes of course you can use the replay feature (which is great btw!). But for that you’ll have to stop the live session. So now I’m basically required to keep my tablet running for 30 minutes, and then return to it and start taking screenshots not from the live session but from the replay. It takes extra time and much more effort.

I see the point of “smoothing” it out. But that’s a little to smooth in my opinion 😊

The key here is to be able to screenshot from replay hence the high res option that was added. You can still take screenshots for sure but replay eases that liability and strain of having to get the right shot while in a critical phase of flight. Cameras and Zoom functions weren’t optimized for quite sometime and so far it seems to be more stable and fluid if you will. Before it was quite jerky and harder to manage.

I think that taking the screenshot during replay cleans up things for pilot and controller. This brings a whole new level to “sterile cockpit” and gives pilots more focus.

I noticed this too, and had the same question as I zoom in for photos a lot too…

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