Freecam only plane

Hello development team,

I’ve been playing around with the new free cam and it is awesome. Personally it’s my favourite feature with the new update.

My suggestion is a “plane” or “drone” you can select, which has a couple of features:

  1. It won’t display to other players or ATC - this will remove ATC clutter and perhaps save frame rates.

  2. It doesn’t have a HUD or systems screen, and disables the bottom bar with the yoke and data etc.

This would give a nice clear screen for recordings, and allow some quite neat videos too.

Please consider.




good idea but i think if you spawned just at an airport nearby and then used free cam you would e fine

Yeh interesting idea but…

Would you rather the development team spend time on this or such things like global flight and other new aircraft?


It’s only a suggestion, for the future. I doubt it would be a long and comprehensive task to implement.

Let’s see what feedback we get here. The users are the judge after all.

If there is no appetite for it, or you think it’s a bad idea… say so. All feedback is useful.

If you turn on hide dock bar when interface times out under settings you can get a clean recording view with nothing in the way.

If you are moving your fingers on the screen to move the camera around, the dock bar doesn’t go away, even with the hide button ticked.

That would work but there is a certain limitation in terms of distance from the aircraft. You’ll reach a point where you hardly move forward anymore if you are too far from the aircraft.

I have not check to see the actually distance but it seems that there is a limitation as to how far you can go.

True sorry I as think you were taking still shots

well then just spawn at the airport and put spotting as your callsign then they will leave you alone

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