Freecam initial position option

A great feature would be to have a birds eye view option for freecam. One that positions the camera 3000-5000’ up looking straight down with N at the top of the screen. This would be great for controlling on ground. You would still be able to reposition the camera as you see fit, but switching to say ATC view then back to this new freecam option would not require repositioning the camera for ground work.

You can manually position the camera now, but if you need to switch to another view, you have to go through that setup again.

Agreed that this would be great! I often use a birds-eye view to plan my flight ahead and have a look at the runway layout. Would also be useful for ATC as you say. Now I just need to free up a vote…

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I suppose this could work… Make sure to vote for your own feature request!

That’s a great suggestion. I really liked using this camera setting in FSX. Would be helpful in Infinite Flight as well.

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I like the idea, sort of like that one camera angle is FSX.