Free Weebly Website Creator


I have decided to start offering my weebly website services to the VAs and Groups of the Infinite Flight Community.

As well as this, I also give each website a .tk domain as well.

Here are some examples of websites I have created:

If you’d like a website, shoot me a PM and include:

Virtual Airline/Group Name
Brief description of what you would like your website to look like

Hope to create websites for you guys. Thank you.


It’s nice that you’re doing this, but honestly using weebly is very easy, don’t you think most people would do it themselves?


I see where you are coming from, but just want to save some people a job.


Yeah, I was thinking this too. If it was an HTML website, then sure, but Weebly is open and accessible for all, and it’s main purpose is so you can create the website, not others. Good idea though.


Yes, I understand but as I said, saving someone a job.


Sorry, I was in the middle of typing when you replied that, so didn’t see it until after I posted.

You wouldn’t really be able to charge people for using a free drag-to-drop website building tool. .TK domains are free as well.


Websites are often a sign of dedication to the VA, even if it’s on Weebly. Often, you’ll want the va owner to do it themselves so they have knowledge on how to fix it, update it and many other things.

Also, aren’t .tk domains only free for a year? What will happen after that year?

Good luck! 🙂

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I think you can get .tk domains that are free forever @DipperDolphin


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