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I am Anush Patel , I set up websites for Virtual airlines , I use a state of the art CMS to create a nice looking website that not only stuns the Visitors but is practical for pilots! The websites set up by me feature:

  • A Pilot Center
  • A PIREP system
  • Aesthetically pleasing website
  • Schedules with NAV Data and Weather (Currently only US Airports)
  • Support for LiveFlight Tracking
  • Downloads (set by staff)
  • A State of the Art Admin Panel
  • Pilot Badges (First officer etc) and Awards System
  • Mass Emailer (Email your pilots!)
  • And so much more!

The great thing is… The websites can be used for Non Global IF and when global IF does come out all you have to do, is add the schedules via the admin panel and you are ready to go!

The websites are not made on weebly or any other site creator!

I have experience in the FSX Community for making websites and I wish to bring this technology to Infinite Flight… For Everyone!

** Please Note : The website is Free but It will display a Small Credit for me and The Creator of the website base**

If Interested , Please feel free to PM me or email me :
I can show portfolios on demand.

Thank you and Happy flying!

Anush Patel


Could you give an example site?

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Nice site! If you are using as a template, you need to credit them in the footer.

Check out their info site:


Hi ,
Thanks! I am in the Process of buying a licence ;)



Yor sites look good, but aren’t you basically just editing a template + integrating phpVMS with the CrewCenter skin? Looks pretty basic to me. Care to elaborate?


Well that’s what I am doing for some sites but I am starting to use templates and then Use Php to intergrate it to the template… But the Base Idea is as you said but I tend to use different Templates/ Mix them for different VAs

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And that’s why I am doing it for free too… And I want to make the VMS available for Everyone with no hassle , I take care of Everything!

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It’s quite easy to use phpVMS and CrewCenter together, it’s not really a hassle. :)


This looks cool. Always wanted to put a crew center and such into our website


Yeah , But many VAs have not got phpvms and / or find it hard to Maintain the site , Is what I meant


Are you busy or can I send you a PM?
I bet a lot of people are asking you.

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Are you planning on giving phpvms its credit for their base infrastructure on crew centre? Also Im curious if you managed to solve the booking flight bug that came with the Crew Centre Skin? (I never found the issue and gave up :P)

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I am free , I have my Multi Tasking Stills ;D


yes and I havent found the bug yet… Are you using phpVMS 5.5.X?

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Yep, Try booking a flight… it comes up as “Routing not passed” or something along those lines can’t remember.

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Great, I will talk to you tomorrow:-)

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I think that’s a phpVMS config error.

Must not be. I am using phpVMS with CrewCenter and not having any issues with booking or anything else.

Yeah as I don’t have it either so Whoever got the error must have a config error…