Free VA Position For Iberia?

Has there been an Iberia Virtual Airline yet? There have been topics, but none officially recognised. Any other free airlines even?

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This Virtual Airline thing can be confusing!

Iberia Virtual, previously run by @Guxk has shut. You’re free to create one! Make sure you meet the IFVARB requirements and you should be good ;)

Good luck! I’m sure @Guxk would be happy to see someone restart IBVA again.

As a side not, in the future, I’d recommend asking questions in the thread I’ve linked below instead of creating a new topic.

Possibly, though I may need more experience and rushing things is not good, so I’ll just have to see. I think you need a website, so that would take time too.

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Thanks and will do :-)

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Definitely, it takes time to build a virtual airline. I took about a month to get everything set up before I applied. Also, try not to rush things. The better your VA, the higher chance of approval. Rushing things may result in rejection and that would be a pity.

Anyway, feel free to PM if you’ve any questions, I’m the CEO of a IFVARB approved VA, so I’ll try to help whenever I can :)

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Speaking of requirements, @Errigal, you must be TL2 to start a VA, as per VARB policy. Stay active, it’ll come in due time.


Yes, I’m aware of that @Thunderbolt but I’m researching and planning to make it flow smoothly :-)


@TheAviationGallery would you include Air Nostrum Iberia Regional in it?

I would include that as well!

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