Free subscription?... Or do you have to pay for it afterwards?

So the renewal of my subscription failed, and Infinite Flight is giving a 15-day free period to get it back. So basically, I just got 15 days of extra Infinite Flight Global. By the time I buy the next subscription, will these 15 days be subtracted, or will I just get the amount of time that I paid for on the new subscription? I would like to know.

I am not exactly sure if this exact topic was covered by someone else or in the 20.2 Release Notes. If so, please link the topic.

Thanks! :)

It’s not a free subscription, it’s a maximum period of time in which it will retry billing your card (the grace period). It may cancel it sooner depending on the circumstances

Your best bet to be safe is to check your billing details in the App Store / Play Store to make sure your experience is uninterrupted :)


Thank you, thats all that I wanted to know.

This topic may now me closed. :)

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