Free refuelling service

Hi people!

I’m offering a free refuelling service.
I wanted to try something new and maybe add another role to infinite flight.

You can contact me on my Instagram: @infinite_fuel

I don’t want any money I’m just here to help the people that need some spare fuel, I would want to expand this and make a refuelling community to help our fellow pilots!

Tell me what you think.

Hi! Please post your refueling availability here: Refuelers || Tracking Thread

Keep in mind that there are very few aircraft that have aerial refueling capabilities.


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Why in the world would you even entertain the option of asking for money? The exchange of money for goods and services requires the seller to actually own something of value to exchange for money.

A service for which you have precisely zero overhead, using the infrastructure provided by another entity, doesn’t qualify.


Seems cool

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