Free play does not load in

I use Infinite Flight on my Samsung Galaxy S5,and after the ‘global’ update, on free play it will not load in on free play.

Hello! I’m assuming you mean your Solo Mode is not loading… Correct me if I’m wrong. If so, please try restarting your device. If that does not solve the issue, try to redownload the app. Hope this helps! :)

Does Live still work for you?
Have you modified your device? Did you pirate Infinite Flight? Have you lgeally downloaded this from the actual, real, official Google Play Store?

Did you update IF when global was released?
Describe what you mean by “Not load in”. Do you get an error, blank screen, etc. Please describe the steps to recreate from the moment you launch the app. What do you click on in what order. etc.

I did try both of those things, and it still does the same thing

I am working to buy live,but I bought the game on the Google play store and
my device is a normal phone.

try lowering the graphics
the galaxy s5 is a relatively old device so it might be struggling to render terrain

When I tap ‘fly’ it will be on the loading screen say it is loading, but I
don’t think it is. I am keeping up with the updates. If this is to hard I
can wait until I get live.

So you press fly, and it sits on the loading screen? What happens if you let it sit? Do you get an error or does it crash?

Make sure you have a solid internet connection. Some people have had luck turning off and back on WIFI.

Can you please go to the about page and share your Infinite Flight version number?

So, it basically just loads forever. It doesn’t crash ,and I don’t get an
error message. I have messed with the wife connection many times and
nothing has worked.

Have you tried fully resetting you’re router?

Thank you so much for your help!!! I got it to work.