Free Plane Spotting on IF Live

Im not one to ask for free things, and I am also one who does not buy live often. But to those who would like to get a taste of what live is about, I would like to see a feature to where people who do not have a paid live account to join ATC without picking a frequency to where they can only see a tower view of specific airports. I love to spot in IF when I have live, I do it more than I fly in live, I would also love to see this feature added if possible! Thanks for your time!

  • I would LOVE to see this!
  • No, you should have to pay for that too.

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I don’t see anything wrong in this. It would incite people to buy live and join in on the action.


When join and see player, it’s meant you’re accessing premium server, it’s clogging up server.

Yes please! However, the game could get laggy with too many people watching at a time, ruling the experience for everyone-just something to consider.

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I think it should randomly put you in a region with more than 10 people playing but it could be any server since you cant really influence anything.

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What? I cant exactly put my finger on what you said before, but if it would randomly put you in a server with more than 10 people playing it would spread out users, also no models would be spawned from spectators so it would not lag that much.

Also it would not lag to bad since spectators would not spawn any models. I think the expert servers would be overrun with spectators so I still think it should be evened out, it would be a free, like any other “LITE App” it would have many limitations.

I’d drive (literally drive) a Cessna out and start screenshotting away.

SAME, Would love to use this to add to the “Best IF Photos” thread!

I don’t see where this would go wrong!

Neither do I! I hope this gets implemented! I would play IF non-stop, and I already play it more than I should!

Back again this morning to say I am very surprised to see the results o the Poll! I didn’t think you guys would care for this that much! Also I had a thought that I did not really specify, this would actually advertise live in a way and possibly increase sales!

This sounds good, can I make a new topic @moderators?