Free Music for a vid

Hello IFC

I’m trying to make an infinite flight video, does anyone know of some free copyright free music?

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There’s a few playlists on Spotify and YouTube from NCS (no copyright sounds)

One of my favourite songs though would be On & On by Cartoon. Lmk if you want links to any of those though :)

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this is my favorite copyright free song

Hi! This is a good question; however, it’s not very much related to Infinite Flight. There are many other online communities or blogs which answer questions like these.

Some community members have provided a little bit of information already. One thing I just want to add is that you should make sure to check the policies of copyright-free music providers. Very often you still need to provide a source to the music in the video description (sometimes even in the video) if you want to use the music.

Good luck with your video!