Free mode camera

I know you can lock the free mode camera so I am trying to do that and it is facing directly to my airplane but when I double click it views another airplane can anyone help me?

Just double click until it goes back to your plane I guess

it is not no matter how many times I have tried

What else have you already tried?

nothing else as I do not know what else to try

I found this topic with someone experiencing the same bug back in 19.2. Maybe it never got fixed, or the bug resurfaced?


yea maybe. wait I turned airplane count to none and now it locks onto my plane (and if it did not then I would have major issues then lol)


It probably is one of those forgotten ones in the list.


Interesting observation! Thanks.

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I know right lol

Never thought it was an issue - just thought it was being a pain in that specific atc session. 😅

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