Free Large Freighter?

I was wondering if it is possible to add a good or even decent freighter plane for people without a pro subscription. This doesn’t necessarily need to be brand new, you could even swap out a currently free one that you feel like is not currently used, but there are major problems with the only 2 current cargo planes:
1) The Boeing C17 is completely outdated in the game, and there are no liveries for it and it looks…
2) The Cessna caravan is a beast, I admit it, but it isn’t something you would expect flying long range and with large cargo, like you might expect for a Boeing or Airbus freighter.
If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, make sure to post them below!

I understand that making things free aren’t easy, and before you cancel me on Twitter for acting like I hate the dev team, I do thank them for their hard work, and understand they need to manage a life!

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I agree completely, free is a little dry as of now, so this would be a lot better!

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There are some free aircraft that are quite lacking. For example, getting a good cargo plane but taking away the free Boeing 717 would be fine in my opinion, as it is just a marge between the Bombardier and the 727 but stretched and squashed

I somewhat agree… I’ve always liked the idea of a B757 freighter in the game.


I definitely agree with this.

I won’t lie, I’ve had a subscription for years (since pre-global) so I’m a bit out of touch as to the amount of access afforded to free users, but I definitely think they deserve a real taste of the game. I’ve played plenty of airplane games that only offer one or two aircraft types free of charge, and it’s just not motivated me to purchase the rest of what they have. As a free user (or a $5 user at the time) I got enough of an idea flying just the planes they had on offer that I was happy to fork up the money for more.

I think as IF advances, they definitely need to pull free users with them. The 717 and C-17 are far from examples of IF’s best work, and I think it’s in their best interest for users to see most or all of the bases before hitting a paywall.

The C-17 is…, interestingly outdated. The engines are blue circles

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I agree - I think either the C17 gets a serious rework and remains free or one of the other freighters (say the DC-10F or MD-11F) could be made free so that people without pro can get a taste of flying cargo aircraft.

I suggest the DC-10F or MD-11F because the models are pretty good but they don’t yet have things like a live cockpit or any of the fancy newer details.

I have made it my life’s work to get the Boeing 757 Freighter

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