Free Hong Kong

Hong Kong and Cathay have had some huge issue recently regarding the anti-extradition bill protests, which is something I will not discuss here. Nonetheless, B-KPM continues to serve hundreds of passengers each day, with her smexy wings and roaring loud powerful GE90 engines.

Spawned next to Fellow Cathay 77W, B-KQK (does not match in image) at Narita International.

Taxing to 16L, JAL 787 just landed from Incheon.

Banking in the Afternoon sun, flexing the raked wingtips.

A smooth landing (kind of) on runway 07R which is meant to be takeoff only at Hong Kong.


Hmmm… Is this kind of discussion allowed?
Great shots still. Want to do a flight in that area today.


No they are not, neither did the OP say they want to.

Great shots mate! Keep it up!


Yep, I have strong opinions too, but let’s keep this forum sterile and entirely aviation related, as the mods said. There are places to discuss it like on Reddit.

Glad you and @BravoCharlie are liking the shots though!