Free global glitch. (Kinda)

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Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?


Version Information

20.2 (465)

Device Information

_Iphone 8 plus _
iOS 14


With this you would be able to fly Globally with pro.
I don’t know if this is because of beta but this has never happened to me in 20.1. So I had pushed back in solo the click on spawn on short final and I don’t have any Engine power. I would be hard for me to slow down. I would be able to climb at a rate of 800fpm while still gaining speed. Soo idk if this is really a 20.2 glitch it’s just never happened on 20.1. People can get free globule with this

Steps to reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Push back
  • _ Spawn on final_

Expected results

Normal landing

Actual results

_ engines didn’t work but I was still gaining speed and altitude._

More Information

And know one ever responded

Good find. There was a similar issue except it occurred on the ground. Hang tight while I try finding this issue in closed beta.

Able to reproduce.

iPad Pro 11"
iOS 14.0.1

Thank you.

The quick fix for this is to click on the pushback button again. Fortunately this will only occur in solo mode so in my opinion this issue isn’t as severe as it would be in a Live mode. That said, we’ll keep this open for now until a dev decides the importance of this.

Yea. But also you would be able to fly around the whole world without having to pay for pro. It would kinda just be globes but without the planes. If I know what you talking about.

Here is another clip of me doing this but without pro. If I wanted I could fly around the world with infinite fuel and space.

I am now out side the non pro Region and climbing a a rate of 1100 while still speed up and engines off

Ah yes. That would be a fairly decent issue. Will make sure someone take a look at this. Thanks again.

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No problem my friend said I shouldnt mess around in the open beta but I did and found this.

You must have a wise friend because they were absolutely correct. Beta is a time where people are encouraged to “break the app”. Finding loopholes and other gamebreaking issues such as this are greatly appreciated. 🙂

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I meant shouldn’t lol. He said I should be Professional or my beta would be taken away. Also I’m going to keep this no Engine flight and see how long I last I’m at 280kts at FL280 about 100nm away from non pro zones.