Free Flight vs. Playground

I have been flying on the free flight server for quite some time just practicing landings, take offs and taxis. Once I have the APPR feature down, I wanted to start going on the more structured servers but I want to know how big of a difference it is from free flight to these servers. Is there a thread that will inform me of the differences and/or give me a “Please read before attempting” post.

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I suggest going on playground first and get some experience with ATC & commands. If you hop on Advanced there is basically one rule: Always do what the controller says.

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okay, got you thanks. Is there a thread about the difference between the 2? like what to expect or what all the different commands I will need to follow?

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Well when I first reached enough XP to get onto the playground server (when I first started using IF live)I noticed a few differences to what I was used to.

First, there will be ATC! This is different from The Unicom on the free flight server as the ATC will give you direct instructions. You must follow these to create a more realistic live flight.

Second, the main region of use is Southern California on the playground server, not San Francisco as on the Free flight server. This took some time getting used to the popular destinations and airports if you’re not already familiar.

Third is the obedience of pilots. More pilots will follow rules and fly ‘normally’ on the ATC playground. This is because they may be more experienced and there is a stricter atmosphere compared to the free flight server. Remember if you ever feel like going on a rampage and taking off on a taxiway, then switch back to the free flight server, there’s no messing around on the playground.

That’s the main differences I noticed, but just give it a try and you will figure them out :)


Alan, read some tutorials and postings in the live/ATC category and then: just do it ;)
Some helpful links:

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Hi Alan, good on you for doing training on free - flight server and for joining this forum.

Check out this article. Hope there is some useful stuff in there

If you feel that a controller is making a wrong choice and your aircraft is under danger or due to collision, you are the PIC (pilot in command), so then you are allowed to take action i.e turning, descending, climbing and going around.

Three big difference I am aware of between Free Flight and Playground/Advanced.
You can’t fly faster than 250kts airspeed when below 10,000ft.
You can’t taxi faster than 35kts Ground Speed.
You can’t sit on the runways without moving I “THINK” 2 minutes (haven’t test that one out in a while)

I feel like I am missing something?


I knew when I wrote this someone is exactly gonna say that. :)

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