Free Flight Plans

This site shows great flight plans for Infinite Flight. I would love this site to be a recognized site within the community. Please share this site with anyone.
Hope you enjoy!

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You seem to have posted about this a couple times already. Make sure to not spam these forum unless there are new features you want ppl to know about.

Sorry this is a new website ive made and just want people in the Infinite Flight community to know about it and use the website.

respect for you @Jake_Brimble as the author you should be able to proudly post your own website but indeed if you start typing your topic it shows post similar to yours and in the main menu next to your profile pic on the right if you take the second icon and type e.g. flight plan you will see those already existing posts.
I will try using your waypoints definitely once but …oh what a work… I’ll announce a delay to ground whilst making my flight plan … before they keep asking what my intentions are ;-) but great work

Thanks, keep an eye out for more plans being added