Free Download not Available on New Device

Hey y’all! I just got my new tablet in the mail that I am planning on using for the majority of my infinite flight endeavors from now on. It runs on Android just like my phone and I am signed on the same Google account for Google Play. Everything seems right except that there is a “buy” screen when I go to download Infinite Flight, even though I have it purchased on my other device. Could there be something I’m doing wrong? Thanks for the help like always! :)

Hey! Are you running the same ID as your other device? Like an Apple ID for example.

Edit just went back and saw you said that. my bad. 😐

Yes I’m on the same Google account.

It will show up download after a while

This happened to me too

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Anything you did to make it work?

Make sure Auto Sync is turned ON in the new device

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If doesn’t work restart your device and it should Say Download in Google play store

What do you mean by auto sync?

Auto Sync of the Google account

Just like you said, it’s working for me now without doing anything. Thanks!

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A mod can close this now

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