Free Camera that stays

Now before you say duplicate what I mean is that, for example you found a perfect area to do planespotting on live, they you are called to eat. You will lose that perfect area. What I think is that there should be a button in the menu to make the camera stay there even if you leave. I couldn’t make up a title


And I couldn’t get it

So you’re recording and accidently press end flight if you are in the same region it stays there when you come back

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Hmm I’m not sure what to say here because I don’t get it. Free camera that stays makes no sense to me, if you don’t want free camera to leave then don’t press end oh I get you now you mean even if you quit the game, you want the free cam to be where you positioned it when you come back and start the the game again.

Like for example I try record landings in TNCM on solo and I want real liveries to come there so I should exit and come again and my camera position is different

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Oh yeah! When you set your camera and leave you’ll have to do it again when you come back that’s true. They should make it stay at where you left!

Exactly what I meant

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I know a title of this topic, how about Fixed Free Camera?

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That is totally different, I asked if that if you press end flight and come back to the same region the camera would still be in that position 😑

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Oh… Sorry

That’s actually a good name in my opinion. Kind of funny how the words fixed and free have opposite meanings. Haha.