Free Camera Bug

GHi guys,

So I was testing out. Some liveries for the semi-reworked 737, and came across a bug with the free camera. When you view other aircraft through the free cam, it spares out and clips through some of the aircraft components.

Device: iPad (model no: MK9N2LL/A)
Version: 18.06.01
Other notices: iPad becoming slow and laggy, not as sensitive and not responding to taps. (Happened after update)

This is a long time known issue, it’s been here since pre-Global and long before that.
Philippe explained it in great detail somewhere, but currently unable to locate that post.

It’s non fixable at the moment though.


Ok, thanks for telling me. Do you have any idea why the update is casuing lag all over my iPad?

I dont think you need 3 photos showing the same glitch on the same aircraft :). I have noticed this issue to! It has been here for a while as schyllberg said…

Without any additional details about the lag and the device, it will be a bit hard :)

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