Free camera bug???

So this has been a problem for a while, and I haven’t looked but I’m sure it’s been reported before
When I’m in the free cam and move forward and turn, the camera starts to just turn on its own and I have to reset it and it’s fixed, it’s getting annoying. 😡 any suggestions? (And ps, I’m running latest IOS and IF and have restarted the app and phone, an IPhone 6)

Same thing happens to me. Usually if I just tap and slide around a lot, it sometimes fixes itself.

But it’s persistent, I know how to fix it from spinning, but it is annoying (especially while spotting at Sint Maarten)

Yes, this is a known issue. To prevent the camera from locking, make sure to release movement first then pan, it shouldn’t lock based on my experience.

Make sure you search for other similar topics first before posting, as you said yourself you’re sure that this topic has been posted before. Other topics may also have solutions already!

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Experiencing the same issue for a while. Usually letting it do its own thing for a second or two then double-tapping to reset it fixes it. I feel this is a problem as well, along with some ATC bugs and annoyances. Just have to hope that they have the time to fix this. You did bring this up right after the new update, so most of their bug-fix efforts are towards any major issues with Global and their subscription

Hey 747-8, If you double tap and zoom in\out you should be fine. For me it stops every time when I zoom in or out and double tap. Hopefully it works for you.

I’m none sure there is a way to make it stop forever though.

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