“Free” camera angle mode

I like changing the camera angle while flying and always have wondered how to use “free” angle mode.
What is it supposed to use for?

I can follow the aircraft like c172 because it’s flying under 150 knots (easy to follow).

You can use it to position your camera wherever you one, hence the name “free” ;)

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In flight, the free camera isn’t the best thing to use to be able to get shots. However, it is really great in replay mode as you can get those special angles you’re looking for.

In-Flight, the best thing it can be used for is navigating how and where to taxi at an airport, not necessarily for in-the-air use.

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In my preference, I feel like the free cam is good for only while on the ground and during a replay session.

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If you want to learn more about Free cam, learn from the wizard himself @Nate_Schneller.

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Yes I always use that in replay mode!
It’d be cool to use when spotting a parking.

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