Free Cam

Was just wondering how you use Free Cam when plane spotting in Live.

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It’s pretty hard for myself, but I know people who are freecam experts.

Give @Nate_Schneller a go at teaching you. @SimpleWaffles is also pretty good

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The left side is for moving the camera angle. The right side is for moving the camera in general.

Or the opposite way around.

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To use the free cam you can use the left side to move straight by pushing upwards and backwards by pulling back. With the right side of your screen you have to move the Camera to a certain angle to get to the right postion. Once you master that then you can move towards the runway and either double tap on a plane to follow it or move it by yourself to capture the perfect shot

I meant how do you GET to free cam? Do you need to be in a plane?
Sorry ik stupid question

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Don’t zoom too far in, and record everything. Then if you want, take screenshots of the video if your phone allows… Those are some tips I use myself…

You need to be in a plane or a tower, and it’s a camera view

You can do the free cam from a plane or ATC but those are the only ways. I personally recommend getting in a plane so you dont have to worry about comms with other planes

It’s one of the options in the camera menu.


Found it. Thanks. Mods can close this.


If you need any help with following your plane like I do a lot, just DM me. Just watch out for the stupid 3NM radius barrier.