Free Cam

When I see other people trying to take cool photos on solo, I ask them: WHy ArE YoUU StruGgLiNG?
Well here, I’m going to help you figger out how to use free cam. It’s really simple.

  • The left side of the screen is for moving the camera around
  • The right side of the screen is for rotating the camera, or zooming in.

For taking professional photos, I would recommend going to:
Settings > General > Interface Timeout (2 seconds) > Hide status bar with interface

I hope this was useful!

Happy Landings (And photos!)

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Hello, it’s great to see that you are thinking of others as we are always keen to educate those who are less experienced than us however Mark has made an official video about how it works so I think this serves that purpose in terms of educating those who don’t know how to use it.