Free Cam Zooming Sensitivity

Since my experience playing Infinite Flight and attempting to create screenshots, I have encountered a small, but mildly infuriating feature. This being the Free Camera zooming being way too sensitive and sometimes undershooting or overshooting the perfect zoom I want. My request is to add an option to adjust the sensitivity of the camera mode, with no more changes to that, the FOV doesn’t need to change, nothing else needs to change.

What do you think? Should this be added?

Well little did you know, if you hold both thumbs on you display and move you device back and forth, the free cam will zoom in and out slowly. I know this could be too slow for some people, but it might solve your problem.

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I’ve noticed that too, what I do to zoom in and out to the perfect spot is I put my finger on the right side of the screen and then calibrate the device and then tilt my device forward to zoom in and back to zoom out. Haven’t had a problem doing it that they and I get a more accurate zoom. So I wouldn’t mind seeing this in the simulator.

If you don’t want to use it just remove the pitch control in settings, just remember to add it back in once you’re done or you won’t lift off next time you try. I do find it slow sometimes but after I calibrate my device it works normally and fast.

That feature works way more on tablet devices, I imagine it was mostly tested on those

I find the free cam also has a bit of momentum when you move it, moving it further than you intend. I think that’s what you mean.

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This is due to the recent update which introduced “smooth free cam.” Previously, the camera would stop moving immediately after you released your finger. Now, there is a weight/momentum to the camera which results in smoother movement. I also agree it is significantly harder to precisely position the camera, so an option to turn smooth mode off would be a good idea.

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Freed up a vote for this, this is definitely needed.

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God I wish yet I don’t have any 😂
I’ll free one up