Free Cam Moving By Itself (Solo Mode)

Exactly what the title says. I was trying to take a screenshot using the free camera but the thing was moving by itself.
(And yes, I did uninstall and reinstall)

Device: Samsung Galaxy S8
OS: Android 7.0 Nougat
IF Version: 16.13.0

It glitches out sometimes like that. I get that too.

When it does that, you should double tap and then double tap again. Then two fingers on the screen and zoom in and then zoom out. This should fix and stop the camera moving by itself


Happens to me all the time on Live also and when controlling. Usually just try and counteract and change direction or movement.

When I face this issue, i usually clear the RAM or the Cachè and start again.

This happens quite a bit for me as well, almost every time I use free cam. Solo mode and live, although double tapping twice usually works.

This has also be brought up a few times, so please search for an answer before posting next time :). In the post below, Joe pretty much states the same thing @K3v1nxu did.