Free Cam Gets Bug and Fully Black

Device: Redmi Note 9T
Operating system: Android 12

Free cam gets bugs when i move. Screen turnes fully black after bug. But environment and aircraft sound still continues. Tried at different airports with different aircrafts. Still same. Other cams works well. How can i fix that? I have enough space at device.

could we have a screenshot to understand what is happening?

i can send a wetransfer link for video.


Could you send that over, please? This would be much more helpful towards the investigation.

here is the video: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free (25MB, 720px)


Also i did spottings yesterday night at EGLL, free cam was worked fine. Here is the link for message: Discord

Elderly times that free cam works fine.

oh uh is it a memory issue?

i think not a memory issue. i have free 4.3 GB storage.

random access memory not storage
a phone restart + closing maybe a few programs might help

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let me try it

did it help btw

yes its solved thanks man. i should reboot my phone more.

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Please try clearing the Scenery Cache in Settings.
That usually help clearing issues with scenery not (completely) loading. :)

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That is never a bad idea. :)


Guys the problem still continue…

Is you phone filled with too much storage?

Nope, I have 5 GB of memory right now.

Have left or used?