Free Cam FOV Mode

Before the Global update, there was a way for us to change the field of view in free cam mode. I think it was more of a glitch, but it could be done easily if you knew how to do it. And you could change the FOV as you like, which means making the background smaller or larger… However, now that’s Global is here, it seems that the “glitch” has been fixed, and you can only achieve this by luck. It would be cool if this feature can come back, for it comes in handy with some very cool screenshots.

If you double tap the screen in free cam it will zoom in on the plane like in the second picture

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I know that, but it doesn’t change the field of view… Let me show you a better example:

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Also, am I tripping or was this photo taken after global came out


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Also, I believe if you double tap and zoom (by pinching fingers) this can be accomplished

I took this photo a few minutes ago.

@William_Armstrong try to re-create that photo. ;)

Ah I think I see what you mean. I guess the only other way to do this is to go far away and then manually zoom in (pinch in and out) on the airplane so it does not go to the middle of the aircraft

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That doesn’t work either. Trust me, I can tell the difference. When you’ve changed the FOV, the free cam appears to move slower than normal.

Here we go. One of my shots taken before Global. This can’t be recreated… only by luck.


Yeah, I know what you mean. Everything in the background is smaller bigger right?

No, everything in the background appears larger. Just look in the photos above.

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Yeah I’m getting mixed up lol

If you pinch the screen you can zoom in and out, although I’m not exactly sure what you mean.

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You can’t understand because you haven’t experienced it. It was a great hidden feature for the free cam.

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This is what I came up with. You can change the FOV and the background does indeed get larger.

(Taken at LAX)

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Yes, it zooms in. But it only focuses on the center of the aircraft. If you wanted to get an engine closeup for example, you couldn’t.

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You definitly can.

look at the engine and zoom

I see what you mean. It would be difficult because you’d have to crop the photo, but even then it wouldn’t be “straight-on”.

I’m kind of confused of what do you mean. You can zoom in [by using two fingers]

EDIT : Wait, I think I get what you mean. Are you saying that the backround doesn’t zoom as well?