Free cam bug?

hey guys!!
how do i enter free cam because every time i try i doesn’t let me go around but only close to the plane.

You mean you cant access the free cam or something else?

Please make sure you have followed all the steps in this tutorial as well: How To Use The Drone (Free) Cam

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well i can’t go around airports like iv’e seen in vids

but do you need to be in replay?

No use you can use it in both modes.

Check out the tutorial above. You need to use both hands to control the free cam.

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i’ll try again

i have but still!!

So, the problem is that you cannot move anywhere?

i think yeah

Alright, are you making sure that you are holding down on the left side of the screen? Also make sure that you aren’t holding it on the controls.

got it!! thanks

Just remember this using free camera:

you can close this now.
thank you all!! :)

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