Free cam bug / flashing

Hello 👋🏼 I’m not sure if anyone else experiences this while using the free cam but it gets soooooooooo annoying when you are trying to get the perfect shot. It seems to happen every time I zoom in with the free cam…

Have you tried restarting the app?

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Yeah I’ve done that numerous times

Try not zooming in so far and it shouldn’t happen. It’s a known issue when you bring the camera further away from the aircraft and try zooming in too much.


Your replay file might be corrupted.

In that case, there really isn’t any solution… Try flying the same aircraft at the same runway with the same conditions and compare the replays.

It seems to happen regardless of how much I zoom. I tested it earlier with a tad zoom and it still happened including the taxiways and all ground markings disappeared

Seems to happen with every reply I go onto, even recent ones

You should try lowering the graphics by a notch. This really depends if your aircraft is flashing or the scenery is glittering.

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