Free ATC For Those Deemed 'Eligible' on Training Server

I have a very simple suggestion. I feel that to improve realism on Training Server (and possibly Expert and Casual), non-pro subscribers have access to ATC for a small one off fee. This would improve realism for all pro subscribers.

I’ve put this topic in ATC rather than features as ATC is already a feature.

How would that improve realism? Not following.


As irl there is ATC at all airports. There is ATC at very few airports in IF. If more people had access to ATC realism would improve imo.

So, quantity over quality? Nope, won’t happen.


I don’t get your point since people that don’t have IF Pro probably don’t know much about ATC and it would ruin everything.

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Well no one’s got any proof that people who don’t have pro aren’t good at ATC - the cost for pro subscription is a lot of money. And just by getting pro doesn’t make someone good at ATC and there aren’t any tests to see if someone is good at ATC on training server anyway. Therefore, it’s not possible to extend the quantity/quality to my idea - there is no quality check on training server anyway.

Here’s why this shouldn’t happen:

  • FDS wants to keep In-App Purchases simple, meaning they do not want a lot of things that could be bought. They, instead, have a Pro (monthly) subscription and a Pro (yearly subscription). Adding this idea would defeat the purpose of having a small product range.

  • $9,99/ month isn’t really a whole lot of money. I’d assume that whoever wants to have ATC access, which you suggest could be bought as a separate In-App Purchase, would already have enough money to purchase a Pro subscription.

  • I personally do not think that giving more people access to ATC will improve anything - we will just have more controllers, but this doesn’t mean there will be more better controllers.

EDIT: I get your point that people without a Pro sub may be better ATCs than people with a Pro sub. However, this isn’t certain. And adding a whole new product to the store is not worth having this idea to go through.

To your points - having more controllers would possibly improve the playing experience for Pro subscribers. And 9.99 is a lot of money - that’s over 100 a year on an app. If however you say that you only want ‘better’ controllers then perhaps ATC should be removed for all players on training server unless they pass an exam.

The experience on training won’t improve, no matter how many tutorials we put out. This is because this is the place where people learn, therefore mistakes are always a subject to happen. As I said before, if you want realism, don’t expect that from the Training Server. Move on to Expert!

Also, I calculated that if you’re paying for a monthly subscription for a year, it’s 32 cents daily. This isn’t a lot of money - you can’t even buy yourself a bottle of coke!

I don’t disagree - then by giving more people a chance to practise ATC here can only improve play. I actually do have access to Expert but prefer training as it’s just busier than expert is. And I can overlook the odd player being an idiot when there are times when my aircraft can fall through a taxiway

Giving more people access to ATC doesn’t mean they will learn. Some controllers are on Training because they are not willing to learn. Adding more people to ATC on Training will only make the issue more apparent.

But you’re making that exact same logic error.

Your argument is that just by giving access to more people, regardless of their relative skill at the position, Realism™ is thereby achieved.

Your argument is Not B, Thus A.

That is just an enormous non sequitur. You still haven’t explained how Realism™ is improved by volume.

If you want to say “I’d like to access ATC but can’t afford Pro” that would be a logical statement. Trying to do mental gymnastics to claim that it improves the experience QED, you’re taking a logical leap that can’t be founded upon any of the rules of logic we’ve agreed upon for thousands of years.

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How many commercial airports in in the world don’t have ATC? None. Therefore by having more ATC more realism is being achieved. My title is for ‘Training Server’. ‘Training’.

Actually there are a lot of unicom based airports in the US with commercial air service

I’m aware of this - I’m trying to make a point though. But I’m pretty sure Lusaka airport always has ATC and I’ve never seen atc there.

Lets try that syllogism.

If an airport is staffed, it is Realistic™.
KLAX is staffed on TS around the clock.
Therefore, the TS experience at KLAX is a paragon of Realism™.

If you think that third sentence true…

Is there more realism there - or at LAX on TS on Unicom?

There’s a third option.

They’re both unrealistic.

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I would say there is about the same amount of “realism” (very so little). Staffing more airport doesn’t mean realism is increasing. The controller could be a nimrod and have no clue how to control, yet the pilots may be able to understand and use Unicom.

(Despite the chance of that being unlikely)

Your points are fair - but all points made allude to the idea that TS ATC can’t control - therefore, what is the point of having TS ATC at all? Therefore, if having some alright ATC is worthwhile, surely having lots of alright ATC is better?

Flying at a busy airport on TS without ATC is murder. However, 95% of people on TS follow ATC instructions. What is the harm then in having more TS ATC at the same level as all other TS ATC?