Free Airplanes?

Hello forum peeps:

So I was heading into the simulator to grab my beautiful Alberta and Clipper the Bear Frontier Airbus A320-200 when I realized that all of the aircraft were free. Normally it has my aircraft that I bought or paid for and everything else has the $5 charge before you can download it. Well today I went into the aircraft menu and my cursor was on the B789 and it said “download”. I clicked on the download button and it downloaded it and I clicked okay instead of $5 payment and it logged me into the sim and spawned me in.
I immediately logged out and tried it with the B777 which I know is not free. In the picture below you can see all of the download icons next to each aircraft instead of the locked icons of aircraft I haven’t bought,


To those who don’t know, I do not own the Airbus A318 anymore when somehow my accounts got switched ad I lost all of my old purchases. I had to buy the A320 and Denver Region again (this was before global).
So I should not be able to fly the A318 anymore.

I’ve had some pilotsi won’t name tell me to use this to my advantage and just enjoy this miracle. But I physically cannot, in good consciousness, enjoy the simulator when I feel like I’m stealing money from FDS right after they released global AND Frontier liveries. That’s too much for me to stomach.
If I’m compeltely missing something and this I still supposed to be free without me knowing, I take back everything I’ve said. But I have a feeling a fluke happened and somehow my app is letting me fly them all for free.

Device: IPad Air 2
Subscription: Global Pro 1 Month (I had bought one month of live before Global came out and it changed to a global pro one month when global hit)

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With the Infinite Flight Pro subscription, you can access all the aircraft free of charge. :)

If you have a valid subscription, you will be upgraded to PRO and receive global and all planes.

Seriously? I’ve had the subscription ever since Global came out and it’s never given me them free.

It was one of the new features introduced with the Pro sub. All inclusive!


Global came out 4 days ago… Its been free since subscription.

I have a 1 month subscription. I thought it was a whole year subscription before you gained everything. And just yesterday this wasn’t the case. Only the aircraft I’d paid for were available.

Global actually came out more then three days ago. It’s been 5 days for me an iOS user.

Thanks to the rapid responses y’all. I’m having this closed as I have my response. I’m in humble awe at the generosity of FDS. WOW!