Free Aircraft

I always found quite strange the fact the choices of the non-pro planes. They could give out the A320, much more famous brother of the A321 for free, and the 737-800 too. But instead, they chose the A321 and 737-700… Why? I know it’s to encourage people to buy PRO, but the A320 and 738 are some of the most famous planes, why not choose them? PRO users still would get what they pay for, and non-pro users could enjoy some better things.

(Just in case) this is just my opinion.


There’s your answer. 🙃


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Adding to:

The preview given by non-pro highlights the pure joy of flight as demonstrated by IF’s platform, independent of the particular aircraft used.

It showcases the environment, feel, and look of what it’s like to fly with this well considered interpretation (optimized for realistic accessibility to flight through mobile devices).