Freddyexpress' Tracking thread @ [Closed] PHNL Trainnig Server T&G


I am currently practicing for IFATC and as I am a beginner, I would love to get some feedback from pilots with experience. In this thread, I will drop a post when and where I am active.

Please feel free to do some patterns and don’t forget to leave feedback :)

Display name: Anton Söffing

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OPEN at KRIV (SoCal), Tower and Ground, TS1 :)

EDIT: Closed

Okay just a few errors. When I request a runway change, you should give me a pattern entry…not just clear me to land. Your transition was a bit low as I would collided with other traffic in the pattern. Keep working hard and hope to see these improvements the next time you control :)


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Hey Stephen,

first thanks a lot for your feedback.

Yes, I actually didn’t really know what to do with a runway change, thanks for telling me!

Oh okay, may I ask you what an appropriate height would be? :)

I usually do 3500 since jets fly at a pattern altitude of about 1500-2500. If you ever have any questions, then feel free to send me a private message :)

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Alright, thanks!

I will definitely do so when I got questions :)

I am a private pilot in real life and you can figure out the pattern altitude by taking the altitude of the airport and adding 1000ft to that.


Yes, but for big jets it’s higher. But thanks for letting me know how to calculate that :)

Hey man!

If you are gonna do this regularly make a Tracking thread!

Just like this: Neeson52's ATC thread | N/A


Actually, I wanted this to be my Tracking thread ^^

Yep, just change the title as you have done ;)

I’ll be controlling now for a short time before dinner! :D

Aiport: KRIV T&G (SoCal)
Time: Now
Server: TS1
Duration: about 30-45 minutes


I don’t recommend Controlling at SoCal it is Nimrod Central.

Socal TS1??? Good luck mate

Sorry, what do you mean with that?

There are a lot of people that don’t follow instructions, try land at 250 knots, land A380’s at KNUC etc. Basically it’s not worth controlling TS1 SoCal.

Ye I was just there and 2 people started following me around and landing in front of me and just not listening to any instructions xD

Ohh alright that was you! Yes… those 2 jets didn’t follow any instructions :/

Most of the time it’s okay IMO if you control a smaller airport. But yes I just noticed what you mean :D
But I wouldn’t say it’s not worth controlling SoCal TS1. Most of the time its fine for me. Anyway, do you have an airport recommendation for controlling?


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Recommend controlling at paid regions. Not as many Nimrod.

Hawaii is usually good if u have it.