Freddiefrogs' C130 World Tour!

Greetings all! I’ve been working on this idea for a while now but have never gotten around to doing until now as I haven’t had the time. Thanks to @Cbro4 for inspiring me to do this with Cbro's Around the World Flight in a C750

I’m planning on flying around the world in a RAF C130J. I’ll be going as far as I can without having to end the flight due to device issues that I’ll probably encounter after a while. My route will be focused on visiting British Overseas Territories and former British colonies as well as other areas to stop and refuel on the way (I may need to aerial refuel at times which will go well as I’m awful at it) I plan to visit all seven continents and I’ll only fly into/out of military bases unless there aren’t any en route. I will start and finish at EGVN (RAF Brize Norton) in the U.K.

Complete Flight Stats:
Callsign: Ascot 886 (reg. is ZH886)
Flight time: 20hrs 39mins
Distance flown: 7300nm
Current location: n/a

Recent Flights:

Previous Flight

RAF Ascension Island - RAF Mount Pleasant
Flight time: ~10:00
Distance: 3200nm
Landed: *22/07/18 @1902Z
Notes: Aerial refueled 1hr south of Ascension Island and continuing to EGYP without landing in FHAW. Battery pop-up disconnecting me from the live server 45 minutes from landing at EGYP - flight terminated at EGYP.

Current Flight:

RAF Mount Pleasant - Rothera Air Station
Estimated flight time: 07:30
Distance: 2500nm
Departed: 22/07/18 @2002Z
Estimated arrival : 23/07/18 @0330Z
Notes: Routing via South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands for the scenery. EGYP-EGAR direct is roughly 3 hours.

Next Flight:

Rothera Air Station - Fossil Bluff Skiway
Estimated flight time: 00:40
Distance: unknown
Estimated departure: *23/07/18 @0400Z
Estimated arrival: *23/07/18 @0450Z
Notes: first venture onto a snow runway!

Completed Flights:


RAF Brize Norton - RAF Gibraltar
Flight time: 02:54
Distance: 1090nm
Departed: 21/07/18 @1632Z
Landed: 21/07/18 @1926Z


RAF Gibraltar - RAF Ascension Island
Flight time: ~08:00
Distance: 2758nm
Departed: 21/07/18 @2250Z
Notes: Overshot FHAW. Aerial refueled and continued to EGYP.


RAF Ascension Island - RAF Mount Pleasant
Flight time: ~10:00
Distance: ~3200nm
Landed: 22/07/18 @1902Z
Notes: Battery pop-up disconnecting me from the live server 45 minutes from landing at EGYP - flight terminated at EGYP

Planned Flights

Planned Flights List

YSNW-NZAA* (need military alternative)

Planned Flights Map


*Antarctic airports AT10 and AT24 cannot be displayed :(

I will be extending the list later on as I get further through the flight. Feel free to suggest airports for me to fly to.

You can track my flight here. Come and join me whenever I’m in the air.


Fun fact, the raf has started using Cape Verde instead of Wide awake… So why don’t you go to cape Verde on your trip back across the pond?


Yeah they stop on Sal island. I’m not too sure whether to fly there instead of FHAW on my way to Mount Pleasant tonight. I get more sleep if I fly to FHAW so I might do that. After KTNX I’m thinking of heading to the east coast of the US then Bermuda and the Caribbean, finishing in Guyana before I head to west Africa so I could use it as a stopover on that Atlantic crossing.

Still gotta do the old air bridge out to the Falklands, just pop into Sal on the way back!

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I won’t be coming the same way back (I might in the end but I’m not thinking of it). I’ll probably start heading back when I reach Asia, whenever that is, with stops in the Middle East and Akrotiri.

It still works, if you go east across the US to St Peter’s Clearwater in Florida, then east across the Atlantic to Cape Verde before you continue across Africa and into the ME?

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Have a great time! I sure have had a lovely time discovering new airports during my trip around the world, as it comes to a close soon.


I’m waiting to do the same in the TBM, when it arrives.


I edited my first reply that answers it.

A 20 minute late departure but I’m on the way to Wideawake and rather fittingly I am wide awake.

Are you going to do AAR…and do you have a tanker waiting…l believe you have been aloft for around for almost 12 hrs now and are crossing the tip of Africa over Liberia …so let me know it you want a refueling …l will be up most of the morning in my tz !!!

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Have fun with this! A lot of people don’t realize the long-range capability of the C-130.

What sort of weight are you at in terms of cargo and what altitudes are you flying at?

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10 tonnes of cargo and FL240 for this trip. A similar amount for the last one.

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After overshooting FHAW I have continued to EGYP with the help of a tanker.

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What device are you using?

iPad 2017 and it’s been running good so far. I’ve had some lag with the interface but none with the flight itself.

Update: 45 minutes out of Mount Pleasant I got a pop-up and I’m now disconnected from the server. I’ll continue to Mount Pleasant and start a new flight from then on. :(

Well I crashed. I’ll be starting this journey again in a week when I can get back on the expert server.

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