Franktfurt-Osaka by Lufthansa

Hello everybody! Next spring I’ll fly from Frankfurt to Osaka with Lufthansa. They fly with 747-400? If yes, something know if the plane has individual tv/video? Last 2010 I flew from Frankfurt to Houston, always with Lufthansa, the airplane was a 747-400 without individual video/tv and the trip was very unconfortable for me (also for the food). I’m 1,93 tall and the seat was too much small for me…

I fly Lufthansa every couple of months, and all the 747-4s I’ve been on in the past year or so (BOS-FRA, FRA-SIN, etc) now have the cabin upgrade with in-seat video. I’m thinking, though, that the FRA-Osaka route may be with an Airbus 340 (?) - and they all definitely have the in-seat video.

Yes, it’s a Boeing 747-400 with IFE for each seat.

Very well! Thanks I’ll fly with my ten year nephew and for her will be the first time with a big plane in a long trip!

Lufthansa has remodeled all their long distance planes with IFE for each seat also in Economy. They have been behind on this for many years but I always had a very pleasant stay on board whenever I flew with them.

It will most likely be a 747-400, but if you’re lucky it might be an A340!