Frankisoul's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KEGE

Open again! Today we’re at Eagle County aka KEGE. Scenery is top notch, and dangerous :). Just stay on top of your altitude and you’ll be fine. Come practice with me and above all, enjoy yourself.

All aircraft welcome, departing or pattern work. Let me enjoy your butter (or rock) as I practice my ATC. As always, feedback is welcome. See you there amazing pilots!





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Just me or does the runway seem crooked?

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Hahahaa it’s Zimbabwe. Probably crooked 😂 nice take off though

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@Sieberovia lovely landing. You’re now officially Zimbabwean 🤣

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🤣 Thank you!

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@anon67724595 That takeoff 😂😂😂😂

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You’re open to feedback?

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YES!!! Definitely

Feedback (PH-NED)

I’m going to be careful with what information I give you, because I haven’t passed the IFATC tests.

  • You don’t have to tell an aircraft in the pattern to make left/right traffic if you already did. It’s unnecessary…

-Also, the first times you cleared me for the option, you cleared me very late. If an aircraft is in the pattern, you should clear them for the option when they’re on crosswind/downwind.

The rest was very good. Was fun to practice landings. My advise is just to keep doing tracking threads, because they’re very helpful.

Thank you, Good day, Sieberovia.

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Tag me next session

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You can tag me too if you want…

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Thank you so much for the feedback!!! You’ve been great. I’ve never seen anyone fly such a tight pattern in a 737 haha. And it was very close at one time because @anon67724595 was right up your back so I almost gave him a go around but you got airborne just in time.

Feedback from YMCA

➢ As someone said above, it’s unnecessary to tell ‘right’ or ‘left traffic’ at each touch-and-go. Instead, just use this command after a runway change or when the aircraft enters the pattern.
➢ It was very close at one point. It would’ve been safer to ask me to go-around ‘just in case’, but as you’ve mentioned, I touched down right when the other plane lifted off the runway.
➢ Your ‘exit runway’ command was late: usually, as written in the ATC manual, you should say that when a plane reaches 70kts on the runway (particular case after you clear an aircraft for the option, as we don’t know if it’ll take off again or not).

✔ The taxi instructions were correct.
✔ The take-off command was perfect.
✔ The landing clearance and the clearances for the option were perfectly provided, at the optimum time.
✔ The go-around was well-handled.
✔ The pattern altitude was also spot on.
✔ Spot on for giving me a landing clearance rather than a clearance for the option when I said ‘inbound for landing’.

Overall, it was a great session. You’ve got the basics. Now, what you need to do to become perfect at controlling is working on those little details. Congratulations, and good luck!

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Thank you!!! You were flying that plane like a bullet haha. And I like the whole departure, transition and inbound twist. Made it more interesting and kept me on my toes! Great learning experience

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@Sieberovia @anon67724595 Here’s a challenge for you if you’re free!

@Ecoops123 such a show off 🤣🤦🏾‍♂️. Can you do the takeoff from RWY 23 tho?

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See if I can do a touch and go…

2nd attempt in progress

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Nicely done bro! I was expecting a crash ahaha

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@Ecoops123 yoyre a wizard hahaha. How did you land on there

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From what I’ve seen, although this was an absolutely crazy choice of an airport, it provided both fun, and I can see you have good knowledge on how to use ATC commands, and recognise aircraft requests. Great job on the right clearances and sequencing!

You missed my exit runway command but managed to get a few others, so it’s great to see you’re aware of runway exits.

I’m indeed magical. Only used half of the runway for the landing 😜

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