Frankisoul’s ATC Tracking Thread - (OPEN) @LFLJ

So I’ve discovered a tricky airfield. Your airmanship will undoubtedly be tested! Light aircraft recommended. If you still want to bring your Boeing feel free but I can almost guarantee a boing into the ground. Let me laugh at your takeoffs and landings whilst I practice my ATC skills.

For both departing and pattern traffic. All aircraft welcome but I recommend light aircraft because the runway is VERY short.





Takeoff/Landing Runway: 23

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I’m just asking you to use your original Tracking Thread you made and not make another one.

You can edit the “CLOSED” part and make it open and where it says “FVRG” you can add the airport ICAO

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So I can just edit the original?

Yes, you can

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Ok thank you. I’ll delete this one. Sorry I didn’t know haha

No worries

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It says I can’t delete this one?

I flagged it for closure so the mods can unlist it for you.

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Thank you!

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No problem!