Frankfurt to Cape Town! LH17 Heavy

Hey IFC,
I am back at it again with another long haul. After sleeping past my arrivals of previous attempts, I woke up in time for this one.
Server- Expert

A VERY windy takeoff from Frankfurt

Cruising over Tunisia at FL320

Go-around because controller cleared an aircraft for takeoff while I was on final

Buttering the bread (kinda)

At the gate with 20,000 other A350s
Thanks for reading, and as always, I greatly welcome constructive feedback.


Nice photos. I’ve gotten better at this but I remember 1 time I was taking off and Misha was holding short waiting for me to takeoff, but then I got up to rotate speed and then I drifeted off the runway. It was embarrising. I love the 3rd photo the most though. Keep up the good work.

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Thanks! Haha, it happens to me with the md11- dc-10 series a lot.

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That sure was a windy takeoff!

Can you next time not exaggerate, and provide the real amount of aircraft, thanks!

Stay healthy!


I mean, it’s obviously wrong, so it’s not misleading exaggeration, and it’s not hard to count the planes, but I kinda see your point. You stay healthy too. :)

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