Frankfurt to Atlanta

This was Lufthansa Flight LH444.
Server: Expert (Monday Event)
Flight Time: 10 Hours & 23 Minutes

Parked in Frankfurt; taxiing, rolling down 25C and then tucking gear for America.

Slowing down over College Park, Georgia and then on final approach for 27L as other aircraft wait for takeoff at 27R


Great pictures, love the route and love Lufthansa. Although, next time you should replay your flight and remove any existing name tags and airports displayed in those 4 images. They will look much better. 👍

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Looks like a hazy departure from Frankfurt, some nice shots in there 👍 Always nice to see some other traffic too

Yep, just clean those tags away going forward and you’ll be sorted 🙂 Have you experimented with replay mode and the camera opportunities?

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Nice photos! I was controlling tower at the time. Hope you had a nice flight.


It was a great flight; slept for about 90% of it. When I woke up it was time to descend!

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I saw you on Approch. I can the UPS A330

I think I saw you too; although I recall 2 UPS A330’s on approach

I was the one with 4 numbers and approaching from the south. You overflew the airport a bit

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