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Hey, I have a question for anyone whose local airport is EDDF: Is terminal 2 this small? Because I can only find 8 T2 gates (4 ‘D’ gates and 4 ‘E’ gates). Am I missing somewhere? Stupid question, I know but Im just curious


Frankfurt Airports Terminal 2 isn´t very big, no. The Gates connected to the Terminal itself are very limited, I believe it´s 8 or 9 stands. To the south of those you can find additional remote stands that are also allocated to T2 and used via Bus transport.


Thanks for the help
I was actually going to use all the ‘V’ remote gates in case the terminal was actually that small, but I never knew flights allocated to T2 actually use them, so thanks for your help

You are looked for Saturday right ? 😉

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According to the charts, Terminal 2 at EDDF consists of 16 gates, as seen below. Which airlines operate there, I have no idea. Lol.

Screen Shot 2021-04-01 at 5.31.28 PM


Apparently every airline that isnt Lufthansa or is part of Star Alliance (like lufthansa) so that means a lot of airlines. Thats why I asked, I wanted to find out how they all fit lol

Actually, no surprisingly
I was looking at T1 to see the gates for saturday though

Technicall, yes. Every Gate has two Stands but only one (X or XA) can be occupied at a time.


Yeah, it basically only has 8 gates but 16 stands

The Terminal 2 serves 12 Gates with Jetbridges and 18 remote Stands. Some people do not realise that the Building that connects the Terminal 1 and the Terminal 2, called “C/D Riegel” was completely served from Terminal 2 main building. Together with the two remote stand areas in front of the Terminal 2 there are 30 stands associated. In addition there are also remote stands in the western part served with busses when the airline has only checkin’s in Terminal 2.

From official chart:

“C/D Riegel” starts at C13, and ends at D5.


But nowadays it’s part of T1, right?

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No, it is served from Terminal 2.
C-2 to C11 are part of Terminal 1,
C-13 upward is C/D Riegel Terminal 2


Ah, got it, thank you!

Thats interesting, thanks for letting me know

It is the controls area that splits the terminals. There is no direct connection between C-11 and C13 in the security area. You have to walk to the skyline train in the center of T1, take the train to T2, and walk back to C-13 . Or vice versa.
The sky train has a public and a security area section.

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Hmm that really is interesting. I wonder why that is though?

The area was developed in stages:
Terminal 1 had 3 areas: A-B-C
Where A was National, B was Internat, and C was charter.
Then Terminal 2 main building was build and connected to Terminal 1 by the Skytrain.
no connection by foot this time.
In the next step they closed and demolished part of C area to get space for the connection between the two terminals,
The D area of T2 was expanded to west to its final stage.
Next step was the build of the C/D Riegel including the foot walk between both terminals public area.
The last step was the demolition and rebuild of the C-area of T1.

Most of this is cause the Airport is the most compact one in the world taking number of passengers per square meter passing per day as measurement.
At the time all this was planned/done the Airbase in the south was still a thing.

Parallel to this there where several rebuilds at T1 including tha A+ finger and the A north finger making the A area the Lufthansa terminal, and so on.


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